David Gabriel

Electronic Music

More About David Gabriel

Hi, my stage name is David Gabriel, I've been a DJ since I was 16 years old when I started playing music on Radio Antena Livre, now Radio Voz da Ria. Started by playing Pop, Rock and Indie Music. Opened the Picadeiro Bar in Estarreja and the Maribar on Torreira beach. Quickly fell in love with dance music because of tracks like Jaydee - Plastic Dreams or USL - So Get Up and labels such as Tribal America and Kaos.

Performances in Bars

  • Picadeiro Bar - Estarreja
  • Maribar Bar - Praia da Torreira
  • Tomázia Bar - Estarreja
  • Nó D'Água Bar - Praia da Torreira
  • Pecado Original Bar - Estarreja
  • Saramago Caffe - Estarreja
  • Café da Praia - Praia da Torreira
  • Monte Branco Caffe - Praia da Torreira
  • Fluid Bar - Santos - Lisboa

Performances in Clubs and Parties

  • Quest - Oiã - Aveiro
  • Rainbow - Furadouro
  • Pildrinha - Furadouro
  • Tecnolândia 2005 - The Day After - Viseu
  • Vários Carnavais - Estarreja
  • Várias Passagens de Ano - Estarreja
  • Maravilhas Club - Aveiro

Soul Full of House is a podcast where the sounds are more commercial, vocal and funky

In this series of podcasts, the sounds are more deep and minimal, with or without vocal parts

Finally, I present my calmest facet - Lounge and Chill Out

Contact Me

Contact: bookings @ djdavidgabriel.pt